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Library: Policy

340:2-11-118. Travel reimbursement requests

Revised 4-18-22

(a) Employees and non-employees incurring travel expenses are liable under possible penalty of law for any falsified expense or misstatements on travel reimbursement requests.  • 1

(b) Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) related travel expenses may be reimbursed.  • 2

(c) Applicants seeking employment with OKDHS are not reimbursed for travel expenses, unless requested by OKDHS.

(d) Travel reimbursement requests must be filed within 90-calendar days of the first date in travel status.  Exceptions may be made by the approving authority. 

(e) Details, including the destination name and address and business activity description must be included with reimbursement requests.

(f) Reimbursement requests for approved travel expenses must be accompanied by paid receipts.   • 3

(1) Lodging receipts must be detailed and include the lodging facility name, itemized costs, amount paid, employee's or non-employee's name, number of persons occupying the room, time-period covered, and indicate a zero balance.

(2) Public transportation expenses of less than $25.00 do not require a receipt for reimbursement.

(g) A travel reimbursement request may not include travel status dates for more than one state fiscal year.

(h) Non-employees must file in-state and out-of-state travel reimbursement requests separately. 

(i) Non-employee travel reimbursement requests may not exceed 31-calendar days in travel status.


Revised 9-15-21

1.   Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) employees file travel reimbursement requests using the Speed-E-Travel system on the OKDHS InfoNet. Non-employees file travel reimbursement requests using Form 10AD006E, Travel Claim.

2.   Reimbursement requests of approved purchases while in travel status, not related directly to travel, are made using Form 10AD012E, Claim Form.

3.   Form 10AD063E, Record of Lost Receipts for Travel Expenses, is utilized in lieu of a lost receipt only after attempts are made to obtain a copy of the lost receipt.