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Library: Policy

340:105-7-6.1. Repayment of client or vendor overpayments or underpayments

Issued 3-1-98

     If an error by the vendor has occurred, the county office notifies the Aging Services Division of the overpayment by memo. After written notification to the vendor of its intentions to collect the overpayment, Aging Services Division deducts monies owed the Department by the vendor from future claims. If an underpayment has occurred, after written notification to the vendor, Aging Services Division adjusts future claims to repay the debt to the vendor. If an overpayment has occurred and is classified as a client error, a memorandum explaining the overpayment is submitted to the State Office, FSSD, Overpayment Unit. A copy of the memorandum is sent to the Aging Services Division. Any further collection activity is then the responsibility of the State Office, Overpayment Unit. If the overpayment has occurred and is classified as a county office error, correction of the error is made at the time of discovery to minimize any hardship to the client.

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