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Library: Policy

340:105-7-1. Adult day services for older adults

Revised 6-1-07

(a) Program.  Adult day services is a community-based program designed to meet the needs of functionally impaired older persons, age 60 and older, through an individualized plan of care. 

(1) The program is structured, comprehensive, and provides health, social, and related support services in a protective setting for some portion of a day. 

(2) Participants attend on a planned basis during specified hours. 

(3) The program includes the day services provider, the participant, the participant's family, and other community resources in a plan that allows the participant to remain in the community, and avoid institutionalization, and enables families and other caregivers to continue caring for the participant at home.

(b) Purpose.  Adult day services goals are to:

(1) promote the participant's maximum level of independence;

(2) maintain the participant's present level of functioning as long as possible, preventing or delaying further deterioration;

(3) restore and rehabilitate the participant to the highest level of functioning possible;

(4) provide support, respite, and education for families and other caregivers;

(5) foster socialization and peer interaction; and

(6) serve as an integral part of the community service network and long‑term care continuum.

(c) Responsibilities.

(1) County office.  Local social services staff:

(A) determines applicant eligibility; and

(B) assists interested persons to locate and utilize adult day services facilities that hold a current valid contract with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS).

(2) ASD.  ASD staff:

(A) develops adult day services policy;

(B) provides technical assistance to communities, organizations, and persons interested in the development of adult day services;

(C) provides local staff with training and guidance pertaining to the adult day services program;

(D) provides applications for contracts to provide adult day services;

(E) performs site evaluations to ensure that applicant facilities meet OKDHS requirements; and

(F) provides ongoing monitoring and evaluation of facilities contracted with OKDHS.

(d) Legal basis.  The legal basis and authority for the adult day services program is the Social Services Block Grant Act, as amended,  [42 U.S.C. § 1397]  which was enacted as part of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981, Public Law 97-35, administered by the Department of Health and Human Services.

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