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Library: Policy

340:100-6-30. General criteria for physical plant

Revised 5-11-07

(a) Plans for construction or remodeling must be submitted to Oklahoma Department of Human Services and state fire marshal for review and approval prior to the start of construction.

(b) Mobile homes are not approved.

(c) Within the corporate limits of a municipality, any new group home must be at least 1200 feet from any other group home and from any similar community residential facility serving persons in drug, alcohol, juvenile, child, parole, and other programs of treatment, care, supervision, or rehabilitation in a community setting, per Section 863 of Title 60 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

(d) The group home must have interior and exterior features compatible with other residences in the surrounding neighborhood.

(e) A group home must be located:

  • (1) in an area where the local fire department will respond to emergencies; and
  • (2) adjacent to an all-weather road.

(f) Each group home provider ensures that resident rooms and areas are clean, comfortable, orderly, and provide reasonable privacy.

  • (1) Each single resident bedroom must contain a minimum of 80 square feet of floor space.
  • (2) All resident bedrooms must contain a minimum of 60 square feet per person for double or triple occupancy.  All new group homes must limit the number of service recipients occupying a bedroom to two.
  • (3) Each resident bedroom must include:
    • (A) a clothes closet or armoire;
    • (B) additional space as needed to accommodate bedside assistance and the use and storage of mobility devices and prosthetic equipment;
    • (C) at least one outside operable window of adequate size installed in a vertical wall that can be used as an emergency exit, unless otherwise approved by the state fire marshall or representative;
    • (D) windows that have adjustable coverings to provide privacy;
    • (E) direct access to exits and other areas of the home without passing through another resident's bedroom, a bathroom, or outside; and
    • (F) a full door that can be closed to provide privacy.
  • (4) Each resident must have:
    • (A) an individual bed of proper size with an adequate mattress, pillow, and bed linens that are clean and in good condition;
    • (B) a bedside table;
    • (C) a bureau, or its equivalent, for storing personal belongings;
    • (D) a chair; and
    • (E) an adequate supply of clean towels and wash cloths, and individual soap.
  • (5) Male and female residents are not housed in the same or connected bedrooms, that do not have a full floor-to-ceiling partition and door that can be closed and locked, except a husband and wife may occupy the same bedroom.
  • (6) Residents are encouraged to reflect their personal preferences in decorating and furnishing the group home.

(g) Each group home must provide at least one full-size bathroom for resident use.

  • (1) A home for six or more residents must have at least two full-size bathrooms for resident use.
  • (2) Bathrooms must:
    • (A) include a stool, sink, and tub or shower; and
    • (B) provide privacy.

(h) All licensed group homes must provide common living areas with seating for all residents, excluding the dining room area.

(i) Tobacco use of any sort is prohibited within the group home.  Cigarette butts are properly disposed of in designated areas located outside the home.

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