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Library: Policy

340:100-6-85. Transfer or discharge

Revised 9-15-17

(a) A group home provider must not involuntarily transfer or discharge a service recipient residing in a group home except for:

(1) medical reasons;

(2) the service recipient's safety or the safety of other residents;

(3) violations of the agreement between the service recipient and group home provider; or

(4) nonpayment for the service recipient's stay unless limited by the federal Social Security Act.

(b) Involuntary transfer or discharge of a service recipient for violations of the agreement must be subject to:

(1) review of the agreement and notification to the service recipient of specific violations;

(2) discharge only after all appropriate attempts are made to resolve violations.Attempts must be documented in the service recipient's record.

(c) When a service recipient changes provider agencies, only the out-going provider agency claims for services provided on the day the service recipient moves.
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