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Library: Policy

340:10-18-1. Conditions of eligibility for support service funds

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Scope.  Support service funds may be provided to families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to promote family stability and assist in the prevention of Child Welfare Services (CWS) involvement when funds are not available through other sources.  Refer to Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Appendix H-4-A, Support Services Funds, for a list of services and the maximum amount that may be spent per service. 

(b) Support service funds. • 1  Payments for the services through support service funds are not an automatic entitlement to the child(ren).  The worker determines on a case-by-case basis, whether to authorize payments and services.  The county director or designee is responsible for periodically monitoring expenditures from the support service account.

(1) The worker does not approve support service funds for:

(A) fines, including traffic fines or any cost related to a criminal offense, such as legal fees or court costs;

(B) items and services covered by SoonerCare (Medicaid);

(C) ongoing household expenses, such as, but not limited to, rent, utilities, and car payments; or

(D) payments to reimburse the client or another person for the cost of services already paid.

(2) Before authorizing payment for support service funds, the worker:

(A) determines if the service is available through any other resource.  Resources may include other OKDHS programs, local churches, and civic groups; and

(B) negotiates for goods and services for the child(ren) for the least possible cost.  The negotiated amounts must not include state or local sales taxes.

(3) Payments of specific services are allowed only after the service is rendered.  To authorize payment, the:

(A) worker signs an Authorization to Purchase form and gives it to the TANF payee;  • 2

(B) TANF payee takes the Authorization to Purchase form to the provider;

(C) provider renders the service and the TANF payee signs the Authorization to Purchase form confirming the service was provided; and

(D) provider sends the Authorization to Purchase form to OKDHS Financial Services for payment.


Revised 9-15-21

1. The worker provides or arranges payment(s) of the approved support service fund(s) determined appropriate to maintain the child(ren) in the home.  Support service funds are available for:

(1) parents or caretaker relatives to pay for:

(A) school supplies when they are not provided by the school and required for the classroom;

(B) school activities for fees that include, but are not limited to:

(i) laboratory;

(ii) art class:

(iii) driver education;

(iv) sports class;

(v) a one-time rental payment for band and orchestra instruments; or

(vi) specialized equipment or clothing for sports or school-related clubs, such as footwear for sports or club uniforms;

(C) clothing when clothing is determined necessary for the child(ren).  Examples are diapers, school clothing or uniforms, or shoes;

(D) after school activities related to youth organizations and summer youth activities.  Costs may include, but are not limited to, specialized equipment, shoes, or clothing; and

(E) driver education fees; or

(2) caretaker relatives only whose needs are not included in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefit to pay for:

(A) legal issues.  This service is only utilized for the cost of obtaining legal services to obtain guardianship or legal custody of the child(ren);

(B) counseling. This service is utilized for counseling services for the child(ren) as well as for parenting classes for the caretaker.;

(C) shelter-related expense.  This service is utilized for an emergency shelter need; and

(D) transportation-related expense.  This service is utilized for an emergency transportation need.

2. (a) To issue an Authorization to Purchase form, the worker accesses the payment screen through the online Finance System or Finance Applications website on the InfoNet.  On the payment screen, the worker enters:

(1) the provider's federal identification number, address, and phone number;

(2) the case number;

(3) the cash amount of the service;

(4) the appropriate object code found on Oklahoma Human Services Appendix H-4-A, Support Services Funds; and

(5) a description of the service to be provided.  This description must be as detailed as possible to prevent any misunderstanding as to what the payment of the authorization covers.

(b) After entering the information and hitting 'Enter,' the worker prints the completed Authorization to Purchase form, obtains the supervisor's signature on the completed form in red ink, and gives it to the caretaker relative to take to the provider.