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317:50-1-4. Application for Medically Fragile Waiver services

Revised 6-25-12

(a)  If waiver slots are available, the application process is initiated by the receipt of a UCAT, Part I or by an oral request for services.  A written financial application is not required for an individual who is a SoonerCare member at the time of application. A financial application for Medically Fragile Waiver services consists of the Medical Assistance Application form.  The form is signed by the applicant, parent, spouse, guardian or someone else acting on the applicant's behalf.

  • (1) All conditions of financial eligibility must be verified and documented in the case record.  When current information is already available that establishes financial eligibility, such information may be used by recording source and date of information.  If the applicant also wishes to apply for a State Supplemental Payment, either the applicant or his/her guardian must sign the application form.

  • (2) An individual residing in a NF or requesting waiver services, or the individual's community spouse may request an assessment of resources available to each spouse by using OKDHS form 08MA011E, Assessment of Assets, when SoonerCare application is not being made.  The individual and/or spouse must provide documentation of resources.  The assessment reflects all countable resources of the couple (owned individually or as a couple) and establishes the spousal share to be protected when subsequent determination of SoonerCare long-term care eligibility is made.

  • (3) When SoonerCare application is being made, an assessment of resources must be completed if it was not completed when the individual entered the NF or began receiving waiver services.  For applicants of the Medically Fragile waiver, those resources owned by the couple the month the application was made determines the spousal share of resources.  If the individual applies for SoonerCare at the time of entry into the Medically Fragile Waiver, Form 08MA011E is not appropriate.  However, the spousal share must be determined using the resource information provided on the SoonerCare application form and computed using OKDHS form 08MA12E, Title XIX Worksheet.

(b) Date of application. The date of application is the date the signed application is received or the date when the request for SoonerCare is made orally and the financial application form is signed later.  The date of the oral request is noted above the date the form is signed.

(c) Medically Fragile Waiver waiting list procedures.  Medically Fragile Waiver Program capacity is the number of members that may be enrolled in the Program without exceeding, on an annualized basis, the maximum number authorized by the waiver to be served in the waiver year. If available waiver capacity has been realized, requests for services are not processed as applications, but placed on a waiting list.  As available capacity permits, the OHCA selects in chronological order (first on, first off) requests for services from the waiting list to forward for application processing.  When waiver capacity exceeds the number on the waiting list and after all persons on the waiting list have been processed, waiting list procedures are suspended.

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