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Library: Policy

317:30-5-132.1. Reconsideration of cost report adjustments

Revised 9-14-20

(a) A long-term care facility may request reconsideration of cost report adjustment(s)/finding(s) within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of notification of the cost adjustment(s) by submitting a request for reconsideration to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Finance/NF Cost Reporting, 4345 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105.

(b) Simultaneous with the request for reconsideration, the long-term care facility shall submit a statement as to why the request for reconsideration is being made and may submit any new or additional information that he or she wishes the CFO or his/her designee to consider. Any request for an informal meeting according to subsection (c), below, must be made at the same time as the request for reconsideration.

(c) At the request of the long-term care facility, the reconsideration may be conducted by the CFO or his/her designee as:

(1) An informal meeting between the long-term care facility and the CFO or his/her designee; or

(2) A review by the CFO or his/her designee of the information described below:

(A) A review of all information submitted by the long-term care facility; and,

(B) A review of the cost report adjustments made by the OHCA, in order to determine the accuracy of the adjustments.

(d) The CFO or his/her designee shall send a written decision of the reconsideration to the long-term care facility within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of OHCA's receipt of the reconsideration request, or the date of any informal meeting, whichever occurs later.

(e) If the provider disagrees with the decision rendered by the CFO or his or her designee, the provider may utilize the administrative appeals process in accordance with Oklahoma Administrative Code 317:2-1-17.

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