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Library: Policy

317:30-5-229. Reimbursement

Revised 9-1-17

In accordance with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, effective October 1, 1993, certified nurse midwifeservices include maternity services, as well as services outside the maternity cycle within the scope of their practice under state law.

(1) Medical verification of pregnancy is required. A written statement from the physician or certified nurse midwife verifying the applicant is pregnant and the expected date of delivery is acceptable. Pregnancy may also be verified by submission of a copy of a laboratory report indicating the individual is pregnant.

(2) Newborn charges billed on the mother's person code will be denied.

(3) Providers must use OKDHS Form FSS-NB-1 or the eNB1 application on the Secure Website to notify the county DHS office of the child's birth.

(4) Obstetrical care should be billed using the appropriate CPT codes for Maternity Care and Delivery. The date of delivery should be used as the date of service for charges for total obstetrical care. Inclusive dates of care should be indicated on the claim form as part of the description. The date the patient was first seen must be on the claim form. Payment for total obstetrical care includes all routine care performed by the attending provider. For payment of total OB care, the provider must have provided care for more than one trimester. To bill for prenatal care only, the claim is filed after the member leaves the provider's care. Payment for routine or minor medical problems will not be made separately to the OB provider outside of antepartum visits. The antepartum care during the prenatal care period includes all care by the OB provider except major illness distinctly unrelated to the pregnancy.

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