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317:30-5-211.19. Quality assurances and safeguards

Issued 6-25-11

     All SoonerCare billed durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) must have the following quality assurances and safeguards:

  • (1) All DMEPOS items provided to SoonerCare members must meet manufacturer standards.  The equipment must be provided by trained professionals in a manner that is both nationally recognized for safe and effective member care and that meets the member's needs and therapeutic goals, and that the member has received the appropriate education in order to minimize any hazard or safety risks.

    • (A) DMEPOS suppliers must only provide items that meet applicable state and federal regulations and medical device effectiveness and safety standards.

    • (B) DMEPOS suppliers must make available the manufacturer copies of the features, warranties, and instructions for each type of item.

  • (2) All DMEPOS supplier personnel who are educating SoonerCare members, or repairing SoonerCare DMEPOS items, must be working within the scope of their practice and meet all state and federal requirements.

    • (A) DMEPOS suppliers must have equipment delivery, set-up, and member education accomplished by competent technical and professional personnel who are licensed, certified, or registered, and who are functioning within their scope of practice as required by state and federal standards.

    • (B) DMEPOS suppliers must provide the appropriate information about equipment set-up features, routine use, troubleshooting, cleaning, and maintenance.

    • (C) DMEPOS suppliers must provide education and instructional material that is tailored to the member's needs, abilities, learning preferences, and language.

    • (D) DMEPOS suppliers must make repairs and maintenance available on all equipment and item(s) provided.

  • (3) DMEPOS suppliers must implement a program that promotes the safe use of equipment, and minimizes safety risks, infections, and hazards.  Suppliers must investigate any incident, injury, or infection in which DMEPOS items were a contributor.

    • (A) DMEPOS suppliers must provide relevant information about infection control issues related to the use of the equipment and item(s) provided.

    • (B) DMEPOS suppliers must ensure that the member can use all equipment and item(s) provided safely and effectively in the settings of anticipated use.

  • (4) DMEPOS suppliers must make available their regular business hours and after-hour access telephone numbers for customer service, and for information about equipment repair, and emergency coverage.

  • (5) DMEPOS suppliers must provide follow-up services to members, consistent with the types of equipment and item(s) provided, and recommendations from the prescribing physician.

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