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Library: Policy

317:30-5-267. Reimbursement

Revised 9-12-22

(a) In order to be eligible for payment, CCBHCs must have an approved provider agreement on file with the OHCA. Through this agreement, the CCBHC assures that OHCA's requirements are met and assures compliance with all applicable federal and state Medicaid law, including, but not limited to, OHCA administrative rules, ODMHSAS administrative rules, the Code of Federal Regulations, and the Oklahoma State Medicaid Plan. These agreements are renewed annually with each provider.

(b) Reimbursement is made using a provider-specific prospective payment system (PPS) rate developed based on provider-specific cost report data. The PPS rate varies by category and level of service intensity and is paid when a CCBH program delivers at least one (1) CCBHC covered service, and when a valid individual procedure code is reported for the calendar month. For reimbursement purposes, members are categorized as follows, and are assigned to special populations by the State:

(1) Standard population;

(2) Special population 1. This population includes individuals eighteen (18) years of age and over with SMI and complex needs including those with co-occurring substance use disorder (SUD). Individuals between eighteen (18) and twenty-one (21) years of age can be served in either special population 1 or 2 depending on the member's individualized needs; and

(3) Special population 2. This population includes children and youth [ages six (6) through twenty-one (21)] with SED and complex needs, including those with co-occurring mental health and SUD.

(c) Preliminary screening, risk assessment, and care coordination services are required activities to establish CCBHC members but do not trigger a PPS payment. An additional, qualifying service must be provided in the calendar month for the CCBHC to receive the PPS payment.

(d) Payments for services provided to non-established CCBHC members will be separately billable. Non-established CCBHC members are those who receive crisis services directly from the CCBHC without receiving a preliminary screening and risk assessment by the CCBHC and who are not established at another CCBHC, and those referred to the CCBHC directly from other outpatient behavioral health agencies for pharmacologic management.

(e) Additional reimbursement may be made to the CCBHC once in the same calendar month as the PPS payment for care coordination provided by CCBHC staff to members who are involved in a drug court or other specialty court program. Physician services provided to these members by the CCBHC are reimbursable using the SoonerCare fee schedule.

(f) Initial provider-specific rates are rebased after one (1) year based on actual cost and visit data. All other provider-specific rates are rebased once every two (2) years. Provider-specific rates are updated between rebasing periods based on the Medicare Economic Index (MEI).

(g) Providers may receive a provider-specific rate adjustment for changes in scope expected to change payment rates by two point five percent (2.5%) or more, once per year, subject to State approval in accordance with the Oklahoma Medicaid State Plan.

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