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Library: Policy

317:30-5-132.2. Allowable costs

Revised 9-14-20

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) shall reimburse long-

term care facilities in accordance with its federally-approved Oklahoma Medicaid Plan. According to the Oklahoma Medicaid Plan, per-diem rates for long-term care facilities are established on, among other things, analyses of annual uniform cost reports. These reports may only include allowable costs, as follows:

(1) To be allowable, the costs shall be reasonable and necessary for services related to resident care, and pertinent to the operation of the long-term care facility. More specifically:

(A) To be reasonable, costs shall be such as would ordinarily be incurred for comparable services provided by comparable facilities, for example, facilities of similar size and level of care; and

(B) To be necessary, costs related to patient care must be common and accepted occurrences; and,

(C) Allowable costs for services and items directly related to resident care include routine services, as established by Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:30-5-133.1, and quality of care assessment fees, as established by OAC 317:30-5-131.2. Ancillary services, as established by OAC 317:30-5-133.2, are not allowable costs, but may be reimbursed outside the long-term care facility rate, unless reimbursement is available from Medicare or other insurance or benefit programs.

(2) The following costs shall not be allowable:

(A) Costs resulting from inefficient operations;

(B) Costs resulting from unnecessary or luxurious care;

(C) Costs related to activities not common and accepted in a long-term care facility, as determined by OHCA or its designee;

(D) Costs that are not actually paid by the provider, including, but not limited to, costs that are discharged in bankruptcy; forgiven; or converted to a promissory note;

(E) Costs that are paid to a related party that has not been identified on the reports;

(F) Cost of services, facilities, and supplies furnished by organizations related to the provider, by common ownership or control, that exceed the price of comparable services, facilities, or supplies purchased by independent providers in Oklahoma, in accordance with 42 Code of Federal Regulations ' 413.17; and,

(G) Costs or financial transactions used to circumvent OHCA's applicable reimbursement rules.

(3) Allowable costs shall include only those costs that are considered allowable for Medicare purposes and that are consistent with federal Medicaid requirements. The guidelines for allowable costs in the Medicare program are set forth in the Medicare Provider Reimbursement Manual, HCFA-Pub. 15.

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