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317:2-1-11. Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board (DUR) appeal process

Revised 9-1-19

This Section explains the appeal process, pursuant to Title 63 Oklahoma Statutes (O.S.) ' 5030.3(B), accorded any party aggrieved by a decision of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) Board or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) concerning a proposed recommendation of the Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board (DUR).

(1) The aggrieved party may appeal pursuant to Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:2-1-2 et seq. (OHCA Appeals).

(2) The Board finds that the prescription of Title 63 O.S. ' 5030.3(B) is somewhat contradictory with the functions of the DUR Board. More specifically, in most instances, the DUR Board suggests policies that must be rule made. Rules promulgated by the OHCA Board do not lend to an "individual proceeding notice" as contemplated by Article II of the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act, specifically, Title 75 O.S. ' 309. Thus, in instances where the OHCA Board promulgates rules as a result of policy recommendations by the DUR Board, this Board will consider a party aggrieved by these rules to have filed a Petition for Rulemaking under 75 O.S. ' 305. In making this interpretation of 63 O.S. ' 5030, the Board will not enforce the last sentence of 75 O.S. ' 305. In making this interpretation, the Board finds that it is taking two somewhat conflicting provisions, and combining them to effectuate the intent of the legislature - to provide a hearing to those aggrieved by recommendations by the DUR Board and accepted by the OHCA Board.

(3) In instances where the DUR Board makes a recommendation accepted by the Board against an individual provider [for example, a recommendation under 42 United States Code 1396r-8(g)(3)(C)(iii)(IV)], OHCA will provide an individual proceeding under the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act.

(4) In any appeal under (1) and (2) of this subsection, the OHCA Board delegates the OHCA ALJ to preside over the above hearing and present the Board with proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law in accordance with Article II of the Administrative Procedures Act. The OHCA Board may accept the ALJ's written decision, reject it, or amend the recommendations.

(5) Appeals filed pursuant to (1) and (2) of this subsection, will be made within thirty (30) days of the OHCA Board's acceptance of the recommendation by the DUR Board.

(6) After Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law are presented to the OHCA Board, the Board will have a period of 120 days to issue a final administrative order.

(7) The Agency's Legal Services Division will construct a form called the LD-3, which will be used for parties to file an action under (1) and (2) of this subsection.

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