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Library: Policy

317:2-1-13. Appeal to the chief executive officer

Revised 9-12-22

(a) The Oklahoma Health Care Authority offers approximately forty (40) different types of administrative appeals. Some of the appeals are appealable to the chief executive officer (CEO) and some are not. The following appeals are subject to further review upon timely submission of a request for CEO appeal and may be reviewed by the CEO, or his or her designated independent administrative law judge (ALJ), following the decision of the OHCA ALJ:

(1) Appeals under Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC)  317:2-1-2(d)(1)(A) to (d)(1)(H), with the exception of subsection (d)(1)(E); and

(2) Appeals under OAC 317:2-1-2(d)(2)(A) to (d)(2)(I), with the exceptions of subsections (d)(2)(D),(E),(F),(G), and (I).

(b) Appeals to the CEO must be filed with the OHCA within thirty (30) days of the date of the Order, or decision by OHCA.

(c) No new evidence may be presented to the CEO.

(d) Appeals to the CEO under (a) of this Section may be filed by the provider, member, or agency. The CEO will ordinarily render decisions within sixty (60) days of the receipt of the appeal.

(e) The CEO may only designate an independent ALJ at another state agency, as established in the Oklahoma State Medicaid Plan and approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, to review a CEO appeal.

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