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Child Welfare Specialist Program Descriptions

DHS Child Welfare Specialists serve children and families with severe problems – poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness – and multiple needs. Child Welfare Specialists deal with complex family situations requiring sound judgment and timely decisions.

Child Welfare Services encompass multiple program areas such as:

  • Child Protective Services;

  • Permanency Planning;

  • Family Centered Services; and

  • Foster Care and Adoptions. 

Foster Care and Adoption

Foster Care and Adoption Child Welfare Specialists may have a variety of roles related to placement of children in foster and adoptive homes. These roles may include recruitment, assessment and support of foster and adoptive families; completing interviews and assessments of families who are applying to foster or adopt children in out of home care; ensuring they have the ability to meet the needs of a child or children; providing supports for the foster and adoptive families while continually assessing the child’s safety; working with children and youth to prepare them for the transition to adoption, when they are unable to return home, while searching for permanent families for these children and youth; providing supports to private foster care agencies as they recruit, assess and support foster families; providing supports to families after they have finalized an adoption; or working with DHS staff and private foster care agency staff to locate appropriate placements for children who need a foster or adoptive family. .

All new Child Welfare Specialists attend trainings required by law or outlined in the Pinnacle Plan. They must successfully complete initial Child Welfare Specialist Academy.

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