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Senior Community Service Employment Program helps older Oklahomans earn and learn

Re-entering the workforce can be difficult for any older worker, but has been made all the more challenging during the pandemic. For low-income, older Oklahomans who are also facing a lack of necessary skills in today’s market, this can place financial independence and an improved quality of life just out of reach.

However, the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is here to offer help and HOPE.

SCSEP is the only federal program under the Older Americans Act targeted to help older workers, and is overseen by the Department of Labor. State partners including the National Indian Council on Aging, Inc. (NICOA), American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and Oklahoma Economic Development Authority (OEDA) are sub-grantees administering the program. Each year, SCSEP enables more than 500 low-income Oklahoma seniors the opportunity to earn and learn while working in local programs serving their communities. 

Through part-time, subsidized community service and work-based training opportunities, low-income individuals 55 years of age or older gain the skills and experience they need to transition into permanent, unsubsidized employment. SCSEP participants are placed in a wide variety of community service activities at non-profit and public facilities including day-care centers, senior centers, schools and hospitals, just to name a few.

“With SCSEP, as participants become job ready, they develop a real sense of pride knowing their efforts are making a difference in their communities,” said Larry Bartels, SCSEP Program Field Representative for Community Living, Aging and Protective Services. “Whether being hired by their host agency, or using their new skills and experiences as a springboard to jobs with new employers, participants are able to realize their goal of meaningful employment. In addition, many host agencies report that some outreach and services would not be possible without the extra help participants provide.”

To learn more about SCSEP or apply for services, visit this page.

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Last Modified on Dec 09, 2022
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