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Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Utilizing their law enforcement background, as well as their training in Crime Prevention by Environmental Design, troopers can provide Risk and Vulnerability Assessments to school sites in their regions.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments are provided at no cost and include:

  • A site visit from a trooper on a traditional school day to observe the normal activities around the school.
  • A list of school security best practices in each area assessed by the trooper.
  • A campus overview including a tour of the school with notation on the security practices in places that are working well for the site as well as notation on threats, hazards and vulnerabilities observed at the site.
  • A review of the school's policies and procedures with recommendations to strengthen language or processes if needed.
  • Recommendations that are either no cost or low cost for the school site to reduce risk and increase the overall security of the site.

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Last Modified on Jul 28, 2023