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Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management (BTAM)

In order to prevent acts of targeted violence, Student Threat Assessment Teams look at risk factors and warning signs to develop a mitigation plan.

DPS/OHP personnel can assist your school in establishing BTAM teams.

When to apply Behavioral Threat Assessment System?

  • Threat, aggression or violence is specific to identified target with motive and plan
  • Threat, aggression or violence is causing considerable fear or disruption to activity
  • Weapon at school or attempt to bring a weapon
  • There is continued attempt to carry out threat
  • There is a history of threats, aggression or violence
  • Staff, parent, or student intuition suggests a need to investigate threatening circumstances
  • Administrator is unable to determine if a situation poses a risk to school personnel or the community

School Threats Defined by Oklahoma Statute:

Title 70. Section 24-100.8

A. As used in this section, "threatening behavior" means any verbal threat or threatening behavior, whether or not it is directed at another person, which indicates potential for future harm to students, school personnel, or school property.

B. An officer or employee of a school district or members of a board of education shall notify law enforcement of any verbal threat or act of threatening behavior which reasonably may have the potential to endanger students, school personnel or school property.

C. Officers or employees of a school district or members of a board of education shall be immune from employment discipline and any civil liability for communicating information pursuant to subsection B of this section in good faith if they reasonably believe a person is making verbal threats or is exhibiting threatening behavior.

D. Nothing in this section shall be construed to impose a specific liability on any school district.

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Last Modified on Jul 28, 2023