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If you can't find what you are looking for on our F.A.Q. page. Visit Oklahoma's Title 47 Motor Vehicle Laws.

The written exam (Oklahoma POSSE) is now being offered through Oklahoma Career Tech. Register to take the exam.

Applicants with military OR law enforcement service shall receive up to ten (10) semester hours for each year of honorable service in any active military or reserve military service up to a maximum of three (3) years or thirty (30) semester hours.

The application and selection process to become an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Cadet is extremely competitive. Determination, heart, drive, attitude, good common sense and the ability to communicate are traits that are looked for in OHP applicants. These will be displayed in your background, by the kind of life you have led.

Physical conditioning and mental preparedness is essential to survival in the academy. It is recommended that physical conditioning commence immediately and become a part of your everyday life. That is the one area you have total control over. If you can excel in this area, the mental and academic stress of the academy should be lessened.

Last Modified on Aug 16, 2022
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