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I-35 in Love County JP 31896(07) & JP 35728(04)

Please click the link below for the virtual open house summary
JP 35728(04) & JP 31896(07) I-35 in Love County
This will be a web-based format (no in-person meeting) (link is no longer live)

The information will be available beginning August 29, 2023 and comments are requested by September 12, 2023.


Should you have any questions regarding this project, please email, or call 405-325-3269 and leave a detailed message.


The purpose of the Virtual Open House is to present the proposed design for these segments of I-35 and obtain public input to aid ODOT in moving forward with the completion of the environmental studies, design, and construction. 

Please click image below for project location map


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is developing design plans for improving two segments of I-35 in Love County. The two roadway construction projects, which will widen I-35 from 4 to 6 lanes. Project one consists of I-35 beginning at mile marker 3.2 extending north 1.5 miles ending at mile marker 4.7. Project two consists of I-35 beginning at mile marker 5.7 extending north 2.0 miles ending at mile marker 7.7. In-between the two proposed roadway construction projects is an existing interchange at I-35 and SH-153, which has already completed final design and is scheduled for construction in 2027. The I-35/SH-153 interchange improvements include bridge replacement and the widening of I-35 mainline from mile marker 4.7 to mile marker 5.7 to accommodate for the future widening I-35 projects.

The proposed improvement for both I-35 projects consists of widening I-35 from existing two (2) lanes in each direction to the proposed three (3) lanes of traffic in each direction. One (1) 12-ft. wide lane in each direction will be added to the outside of the existing highway resulting in a six (6) lane interstate with full control of access. The inside shoulders will be widened and reconstructed to 10-ft. wide. The outside shoulder will be reconstructed to 10-ft. wide.

From mile marker 3.2 to mile marker 4.7 the future six-lane open section facility will consist of a 40-ft. wide paved median with median barrier wall at the center. From mile marker 5.7 to 7.7 the future six lane open section facility will consist of a variable width with a grass median.

Improvements will occur along the existing alignment, with no new right-of-way being acquired. The road will remain open, and construction phased to maintain two lanes of traffic in each direction. Construction will be completed in two separate construction projects, which are both currently scheduled to begin construction in 2027.

No additional right-of-way is needed for either project.



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ODOT Environmental Programs Division
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Oklahoma City, OK 73105-3204

Last Modified on Dec 18, 2023
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