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SH-10A in Muskogee and Sequoyah Counties - Gore, OK

September 2017 Update

PreviousOpen House

Where When
Town of Gore Community Building
313 Steve Owens Road
Gore, OK 74435
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
5:00PM to 7:00 PM


Should you have any questions regarding this project, please email, or call 405-325-3269 and leave a detailed message.


The purpose of theOpen House was to explain the purpose and need for improvements along State Highway 10A, introduce 7 alignment alternatives that have been considered, present the Preferred Alternative, and receive public feedback and input on the project.

Please click image below for location map


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is proposing improvements to State Highway (SH) 10Afrom the SH-10junction extending east to the SH-100junction in Muskogee and SequoyahCounties, Oklahoma. The existing SH-10Ahasno shoulders and substandard horizontal and verticalcurves, which contribute to an accident history approximately three times the statewide average for a roadway of this type. The purpose of the proposed improvements is to correct roadway deficiencies, enhance safety, and efficiently accommodatetraffic.

ODOTrecently tasked a consultant to study several alternatives to improve SH-10Awhile taking into consideration construction cost, right-of-wayrequirements, and environmental constraints. The study identified seven (7) alignment alternatives for consideration, as described in the following text and presented in the linked graphic.

  • Alternative 1: EXISTING ALIGNMENT is a minimal widening and overlay improvementproject which adds minimal shoulders and makes a modest safety improvements to the existing SH-10Aalignment.
  • Alternative 1A: ON OR NEAR EXISTING ALIGNMENT is a project which improves substandard horizontal and vertical curves, the banking on curves, pavement width, and clear recovery area.
  • Alternative 2: WEST OFFSET utilizes Alternative 1A, with the exception of a realignment to the west of existing SH-10A for approximately 1.3 miles between Section Lines NS444 and NS445 (i.e., Orchard Road).
  • Alternative 3: EAST OFFSET also utilizes Alternative 1A, with the exception of a realignment to the east of existing SH-10A for approximately 1.0 mile between 0.05 miles east of Section Line NS444.5 and 0.15 miles east of Section Line NS445.
  • Alternative 4: SOUTH OFFSET is a south realignment of SH-10A, replacing a 3.4 mile-segment between 0.19 miles west of Section Line NS444.5 and 0.37 miles north of SH-100, offset south of the existing alignment. This alternative would result in realignment of SH-10A south of Paradise Hill, Oklahoma.
  • Alternative 5: SOUTHERNMOST OFFSET would replace a 3.1-mile segment beginning 0.05 mile east of Section Line NS444.5 and extending to 0.37 miles north of SH 100 with an offset south of Alternative 4. As with Alternative 4, Alternative 5 would result in realignment of SH-10A south of Paradise Hill, Oklahoma.
  • Alternative 5A: SOUTHERNMOST OFFSET, THROUGH CONNECTION proposes the realignment of a 3.7-mile segment beginning 0.05 miles east of Section Line NS444.5 and extending east, offset further south of the existing alignment than Alternative 4 and providing a through connection to the SH 10A/SH-100 junction. As with Alternatives 4 and 5, Alternative 5A would result in realignment of SH-10A south of Paradise Hill, Oklahoma.

Based upon evaluation and comparison of several alternatives, as well as comments received as the result of a stakeholder meeting held October 18, 2016, ODOThas selected Alternative 2 as the Preferred Alternative. Advantages of Alternative 2 include that it provides continued access to Paradise Hill, meets current design criteria, and is less expensive and has less impacts to Tribal land than some of the other alternatives.



FEBRUARY 14, 2017

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