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Public Hearing Opportunity and Notice of Availability of an Environmental Assesment for the Proposed Reconstruction of US-277, Cement to I-44, Caddo and Grady Counties, OK

JP 20953(04) & JP 20962(04)

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), have completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed reconstruction of US-277 from the town of Cement to I-44 in Caddo and Grady Counties. This segment of US-277 is a major truck route with several sharp curves and rolling terrain, which results in inadequate sight distance to safely stop for turning vehicles or stopped vehicles. These deficiencies have contributed to a substantial accident history. The purpose of the proposed project is to correct roadway deficiencies and reduce accidents.


Project Location MapThe preferred alternative would reconstruct US-277 on a new alignment approximately 1,650 feet north of the existing roadway for a distance of approximately 3.1 miles, after which it would tie back to the existing alignment west of Middle Bills Creek. East of Middle Bills Creek, the preferred alternative would reconstruct US-277 on an offset alignment approximately 80 feet north of the existing roadway. The preferred alternative would tie back to the existing alignment just west of I-44. Generally, the typical section of the preferred alternative will have two 12-foot-wide driving lanes with 8-foot-wide shoulders and gentle side slopes and ditches for drainage.


Proposed Roadway Typical SectionThe proposed project will require a new total right-of-way width of approximately 100 to 375 feet on a new alignment, compared with the existing right-of-way width of approximately 80 feet. Other impacts of the project include the potential to encounter contaminated soils at a former gas station, changes to some driveways and access for private properties, and short-term and temporary impacts during construction such as traffic delays and increased noise and dust. Access to all homes and businesses will be maintained at all times during construction. Off-site areas have been identifi ed for avoidance by contractor activities in order to avoid impacts to potential archaeological sites. The proposed project may impact bald eagle and migratory birds and ODOT will perform pre-construction survey and seasonal avoidance to avoid any impacts to them. The proposed project may impact potentially jurisdictional waters and wetlands. ODOT will minimize these impacts and obtain a Section 404 Clean Water Act permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers for work in all jurisdictional waters and wetlands.

Up to 5 residential and 4 commercial relocations may be required. Any person, business, or person with personal property impacted by a highway project will be given Advisory Assistance and all eligible benefits as required under the Uniform Act: 49 CFR part 24 – Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition for Federal and Federally-Assisted Programs. For more information about ODOT’s relocation assistance program, contact the Relocation Branch of the ODOT Right-of-Way Division at (405) 521-2648.

Complete EA Document containing more detailed information and the supporting studies are available for review Mon. – Fri. between 9AM and 4PM from May 26 - June 27, 2016 at the following locations:



Cement Town Hall
411 N. Main Street
Cement, OK 73017
(405) 489-3222

ODOT Division 7 Headquarters
2055 US-81 Bypass
Duncan, OK 73534
(580) 255-7586


The document is also available for review online by clicking HERE.

All interested persons may request a public hearing covering the social, economic and environmental effects of the proposed location and design for this project. Deadline for comments on the EA is June 27, 2016.


Please send comments to:
Environmental Programs Division Engineer,

Oklahoma Department of Transportation,

200 NE 21st Street,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73105
or email:

For additional information about the project please contact Greg Worrell,

ODOT Environmental Programs Division

200 NE 21st Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, or by phone at (405) 522-8014, or email at

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