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Formula Grants for Rural Areas - Section 5311


As the Governor's designee, with regards to the administration of financial assistance programs for areas with less than 50,000 population, ODOT's Office of Mobility & Public Transit is responsible for the administration of the Federal Transit Administration'sFormula Grants for Rural Areas Program (Section 5311.) The Section 5311 Program is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible local public transportation providers in rural areas and communities with a population of less than 50,000. No restrictions regarding age or physical disability are placed on those who may want to use the services offered.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible local recipients of the Section 5311 Program funds include local public bodies and agencies thereof, nonprofit organizations, and Native AmericanTribes.

Application Process

Existing subrecipientssubmit an annual application to request federal financial assistance under the Section 5311program. Applications are evaluated and funding provided based on a percentage of the following performance standards: revenue miles, passenger trips, passenger miles.

Section 5311funding will beprovided for eligible new or “New Start” applicants.To be eligible as a “New Start” Transit System for FTA funds, applicants must undergo a period of evaluation to assess the Transit System's technical capacity to manage the requirements of the Section 5311 Program.

The Section 5311program year runs from October to September. Applications are due on May 1 for the following program year.


There are presently 20 community public transportation providers in Oklahoma receiving Section 5311 funds. Their projects and service areas are described in greater detail on the following links.

Last Modified on Oct 31, 2022
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