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Aug. 28, 2020

Much like your seat belt only counts if you wear it, you only show up in the count if you fill out your census. Remember it takes less than five minutes to make your mark on the next decade of government funding for our state: #Okletscount #Census2020

Sep. 2, 2020

No need to labor for a day to figure out speeding doesn't pay off. It doesn't. Ease up on the gas this holiday weekend and give your brakes a break. #WorkZoneWednesday


Sep. 9, 2020

Safe drivers are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Pay attention when traffic slows down. #WorkZoneWednesday

Sept. 16, 2020

Throwback to yesterday's #WorkZoneWednesday: Zoom meetings can be important but your life is worth more. Don't take the risk. Put your phone down while driving. #ThrowbackThursday



Sep. 23, 2020

We’ve always discouraged tailgating on the road. Be safe going to and at the game. #WorkzoneWednesday

Last Modified on Jan 21, 2021
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