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Mitchell named head of ODOT’s Local Government Division

Monday, September 11, 2023

Matthew Mitchell was named the Local Government Division Engineer for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in August. He will be responsible for all interactions and projects partnered with local governments, including county roads and bridges, sidewalks and bicycle paths. This position also implements the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges program and coordinates with county commissioners on projects using state and federal funds.

Mitchell most recently served as the rural construction engineer for ODOT’s District 4 in central and north central Oklahoma. He first joined the department as an inspector with the Stillwater Residency in 2009. While attending OSU, he worked with the Oklahoma State University Roadway Design Squad starting in 2011. Mitchell’s other previous department roles include District 4 bridge engineer, District 4 area maintenance engineer and Stillwater resident engineer.

A graduate of OSU, Mitchell holds Bachelor’s degrees in Biological Sciences and Civil Engineering and is a member of the Oklahoma Association of County Engineers and the Institute of Transportation Engineers. He also serves on the City of Stillwater Drainage Appeal Board.

Mitchell and his wife, Jenn, currently reside in Stillwater with their two daughters.

Last Modified on Sep 11, 2023
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