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US-69/75 Commerce Connection Project Through Bryan County

Tuesday, May 07, 2019
US-69-75 from Calera north to Durant is shown during construction in July 2020.


About the Project:

  • The project reconstructs four miles along US-69 from US-70 in Durant south to Chickasaw Rd. in Calera.
  • This project received a federal FASTLANE grant to upgrade US-69/75 to improve accessibility on and off the highway, protect key interchanges, create one-way frontage roads and add a much-needed rail crossing to the four lanes of traffic, all to alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety.
  • Construction crews began moving into the area in October 2019 with minor lane closures, major lane closures/construction began in 2020. Both directions are currently two-lanes. Estimated completion in 2023.
  • Awarded to Duit Construction in August 2019 for more than $150 million with a significant $62 million coming from federal FASTLANE grant (received in 2016).
  • One of the highest amounts of federally awarded grants in the department's history.
  • US-69/75 is major a freight corridor connecting eastern Oklahoma with nearby regional centers like Dallas, Texas and St. Louis, Mo. and with national border crossings.
  • This was a very competitive grant process and Oklahoma’s application was one of only 18 projects selected out of more than 200 submissions nationwide and the third largest sum awarded.
  • Before announcement of this grant, the right-of-way and utility phases were scheduled for FFY 2023 and construction was not even scheduled in ODOT’s Eight-Year Construction Work Plan due to no available funding solution.
  • Click here to read the project press release.

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Last Modified on Jun 14, 2023