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SH-74 Corridor

Improvements between Memorial Rd. and
N.W. 248th St./Waterloo Rd. Completed late 2019

This new section of SH-74 between Memorial Rd. and N.W. 164th St. gives a glimpse of what the widened corridor looks like now that the expansion projects are complete.

About the Projects:

North of N.W. 164th St. to N.W. 206th St. (Covell Rd.)

  • This was the final project needed to reconstruct and widen SH-74 (Portland Ave.) to a four-lane divided highway from just north of Memorial Rd. to just north of Waterloo Rd. (Oklahoma/Logan county line).
  • Awarded at the December 2017 commission meeting, the reconstruction and widening of SH-74began just north of N.W. 164th St. and extended to N.W. 206th St. (Covell Rd.).
  • The project reconstructed SH-74 intersections at:
      • N.W. 178th St. (Edmond Rd.) in Oklahoma City;
      • N.W. 192nd St. (Danforth Rd.) in Oklahoma City; and
      • N.W. 206th St. (Covell Rd.) in Oklahoma County.
  • Abouta $22 million contract with work that began in February 2018and completed in December 2019.
  • More than 21,000 vehicles a day travel the southern half of the corridor, on average.
  • Since 2000, the department has invested about $136 million to widen the corridor to accommodate growth and development in this northwest portion of Oklahoma City. This includes right-of-way, utility relocation and construction costs.

SH-74 and Waterloo Rd. Traffic Signal Installation Project

This project added full four-way trafffic signals to the SH-74 and Waterloo Rd. intersection. With the addition of the signal at this intersection, the SH-74 corridor between Memorial Rd. and Waterloo Rd. at the Logan County line will have a signal at every intersection except N.W. 150th St., which has an overpass. Read more here.

During construction of SH-74 between Memorial Rd. and N.W. 164th St., traffic could be seen on the existing lanes of SH-74, at right. The new corridor alignment shifted traffic to the west into a four-lane divided highway with one-way service roads.

These projects were part of the widening and reconstruction of SH-74:

    • 2015 — North of Memorial Rd. to north of N.W. 164th St., about $34 million and opened to traffic in summer 2016;
    • 2013 — SH-74 interim traffic improvement project to add dedicated right turn lanes at N.W. 150th St. and N.W. 164th St. and on northbound SH-74 at N.W. 178th St. (Edmond Rd.) to improve safety and alleviate congestion, about $2.6 million;
    • 2008 — N.W. 206th St. (Covell Rd.) to north of Sorghum Mill Rd., about $17.4 million; and
    • 2005 — N.W. 234th St. (Sorghum Mill Rd.) to Waterloo Rd. widened to a five-lane undivided highway, about $4 million.
    • 2001 — Intersection modification and addition of traffic signals between N.W. 178th St. (Edmond Rd.) and N.W. 206th St. (Covell Rd.), about $1.2 million.

TO LEARN more about theDec. 4, 2017, contract award, read the press release here.

Last Modified on Jun 14, 2023
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