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Roundabouts on Oklahoma Highways


Completed roundabouts on state highways: Northbound I-35 ramps at SH-74 in Goldsby, McClain County; US-62/SH-82 junction near Tahlequah, Cherokee County; and US-412A, US-59 and SH-10 junction in Kansas, Delaware County.

Roundabouts under construction:

US-81 and SH-66 junction in El Reno in Canadian County

  • Work started February 2024
  • Estimated completion July 2025

Roundabouts are under consideration for projects in Sallisaw, Duncan, Newcastle, among others, in the Eight-Year Construction Work Plan

Roundabouts are considered as part of preliminary engineering and discussed through the public involvement process prior to implementation.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, roundabout benefits include:

  • Improved safety
  •  Layout reduces conflict points and virtually eliminates head-on and high-speed right-angle crashes
  • Fatality crashes reduced by more than 90%
  • Injury crashes reduced by 76%
  • All crashes reduced by 35%
  • Slower speeds are generally safer for pedestrians
  • Reduced congestion
  • Efficient during both peak hours and other hours
  • Typically less delay than traditional intersections
  • Reduced pollution
  • Through fewer stops and less idling time
Check out the two videos below that show different viewpoints on vehicles of all size navigating a roundabout.
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • No traffic signals to install or maintain
  • Often less pavement to maintain
  • Community improvements
  • Often quieter in operation
  • Center islands can be made aesthetically pleasing

Keys to driving a roundabout:

  •  Signage and lane markings indicate upcoming roundabouts and where to exit for your desired route.
  • Slow down when approaching and signal with turn signal
  • If roundabout has multiple lanes, choose the correct lane, change to it and then stay there.
  • Traffic entering the roundabout yields to traffic already in the roundabout. Look left for traffic in the roundabout and enter when clear. No need to come to a stop if there is no traffic to yield to.
  • When about to exit, signal and then take the appropriate exit.
  • Modern roundabouts are designed to allow commercial vehicles to safely maneuver through the intersection
Last Modified on May 02, 2024