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I-35/I-240 Interchange improvements

For information on current lane and ramp closures, view the daily OKC Traffic Advisory here. Plan ahead and locate possible detour routes on the Drive Oklahoma app.

Big changes are underway at the I-35/I-240 interchange in Oklahoma City. The improvements will renew the interchange by replacing the outdated junction with a modern multi-level interchange with dedicated interstate ramps, turnaround lanes and service roads for improved city street access.

Six phases have been scheduled for the interchange. Two phases are complete, the third phase began in Summer 2023 and is expected to be completed in 2025. The remaining phases are scheduled in ODOT’s Eight-Year Construction Work Plan, and are currently scheduled to begin in 2025.

Phase 1B, the current phase, which began on June 5, 2023 includes:

  • A new turnaround at 59th St.
  • Rehabilitation of Pole Rd.
  • Rehabilitating pavement on I-240 and frontage roads
  • Replacing a railroad bridge over I-240
  • Construction of a new northbound I-35 to eastbound I-240 connection ramp. 

Starting September 5, 2023, the I-240 service road/S.E. 74th St. is closed to through traffic between Eastern Ave. and Crossroads Blvd. through January 2025

Drivers can expect lane and ramp closures throughout the project, full weekend closures of I-240, as well as increased congestion in the area. Drivers should start planning alternate routes or plan to add additional travel time once work begins. Alternate routes for I-240 traffic can include I-40, and other alternate routes can be located on the Drive Oklahoma app. 

A more than $75 million contract for phase 1B, was awarded by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission to Allen Contracting Inc./Shell Construction Co. Inc. in January 2023. 

The remaining three phases are scheduled to begin in 2025 and will feature a number of improvements to the interchange include:

  • Phase 2 — I-240 between Pole Rd. and Eastern Ave., northwest, northeast and southeast service roads, southeast, northeast and northwest interstate ramps - FFY 2025
  • Phase 3 — Eastbound I-240 between Shields Blvd. and Pole Rd., flyover ramp - FFY 2025
  • Phase 4 — Westbound I-240 between Pole Rd. and Shields Blvd., westbound I-240 bridge over I-35 - FFY 2025

The design process for the I-35/I-240 interchange has been in the works since 1998. ODOT has invested about $140 million into the interchange, including the already completed phases below.

Completed phases:

Phase 1 – I-240 and Santa Fe Ave. 

  • This phase included reconstruction of I-240 from Santa Fe Ave. east past Shields Blvd. and conversion of Santa Fe Ave. to a full interchange.
  • The I-240 ramps between Santa Fe Ave. and Shields Blvd. were reversed with construction of a new westbound I-240 off-ramp and eastbound I-240 on-ramp at Santa Fe
  • The eastbound I-240 off-ramp and westbound I-240 on-ramp at Shields Blvd. were permanently closed.
  • The new ramps at Santa Fe. will accommodate the I-240 traffic that currently uses the existing interchange at Shields Blvd., which must be removed in a future phase due to its close proximity to I-35.
  • Cost: Nearly $12 million plus possible financial incentives for early completion
  • Contract awarded to an Allen Contracting Inc./Shell Construction Inc. joint venture of Oklahoma City on Feb. 8, 2016.
  • Construction of this phase began in early summer 2016 and completed in May 2017.

Phase 1A – Eastbound I-240 to southbound I-35 

  • This phase reconstructed the eastbound I-240 ramp to southbound I-35 and the eastbound to southbound service road between Shields Blvd. and S.E. 82nd St.
  • The eastbound I-240 on-ramp from Shields Blvd. was permanently closed due to its close proximity to I-35. I-240 traffic will now use the new on-ramp at Santa Fe Ave.
  • The southbound I-35 off-ramp to S.E. 82nd St. was permanently closed to make room for a new, longer ramp from I-240. I-35 traffic now uses the off-ramp at S.E. 89th St.
  • Cost: $10.6 million plus possible financial incentives for early completion
  • Contract awarded to Duit Construction/TTK Construction of Edmond on Dec. 5, 2016.
  • Construction was originally expected to begin in spring 2017; however the contractor was asked to not start work due to concerns about state funding to pay current contract obligations.
  • Work began in mid-June 2017 and completed in summer 2018.
Last Modified on Sep 06, 2023