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I-35 and Waterloo Rd. Interchange

A proposed construction project tentatively scheduled for FFY 2023 will make improvements to the I-35 and Waterloo Rd. interchange

Tremendous housing and business growth along the Oklahoma and Logan county line between Edmond and Guthrie has spurred new traffic congestion headaches during morning and evening rush hours. This spectacular increase in usage has contributed to the decline in the pavement conditions of both Waterloo Rd. and I-35 as it enters Edmond. Traffic congestion, particularly during evening rush hour, is a significant safety issue as traffic can back up on the ramps to the interstate. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation haschosen a diverging diamond interchange design for a future construction project at this location to address these concerns. This will be one of the first locations in Oklahoma where this type of interchange will be installed.

About the Project

  • The proposed project will:
    • Reconstruct two I-35 bridges over Waterloo Rd., allowing greater clearance for trucks
    • Increase interstate capacity. I-35 will remain four lanes for now but will be built to accommodate six lanes in the future.
    • Increase capacity and turning safety by widening Waterloo Rd. to four lanes with a turn lane.
  • Construction cost estimated at $33 million
  • Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in FFY 2023 with right-of-way acquisition tentatively scheduled for FFY 2021 and utility relocation tentatively scheduled for FFY2022.
A Diverging Diamond Interchange, which allows thru traffic to stay in the same lane as they cross under I-35 with traffic signals to help
manage traffic flow.If this design is chosen, it will be one of the first locations in Oklahoma for this type of interchange.

What is a Diverging Diamond Interchange?

A Diverging Diamond Interchange, commonly referred to as a DDI, is a relatively new interchange solution in the United States. Here are some key factors about a Diverging Diamond Interchange:

  • The basic design is that of two divided, one-way roads through the interchange.
  • A key to safe traffic movement on a DDI is the addition of traffic signals.
  • Turning movements, left turns in particular, are safer because vehicles do not have to cross in front of oncoming traffic to make the turn.
  • This safer turning environment is accomplished by traffic crossing to the left side of the divided roadway before moving under the interstate. Once across, a traffic signal will help motorists safely cross back to their normal lanes to continue along Waterloo Rd.
  • The first DDI in the United States was built on I-44 in Springfield, Mo., in 2009. The concept is now being used nationwide with a handful either open or in the planning phases in neighboring states.
  • To learn more about the Diverging Diamond Interchange, see

I-44 in Springfield, Mo., was the first location of a Diverging Diamond Interchange in the United States.

Project Background

LEARN more about the January 2016 public involvement meeting and planning process here.

Last Modified on Jun 14, 2023
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