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Pavement Condition Data Map Viewer

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Pavement condition data plays an important role in pavement maintenance.
Pavement condition data is collected annually and a Pavement Quality Index (PQI)
is aggregated from individually collected pavement distresses. PQI is a measure of
overall pavement surface condition ranging from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best condition.
This map shows only the pavement condition data for the primary direction of travel,
as directed from the Inventory Management Branch.

Good PQI = 91-100
Fair PQI = 75-90
Poor PQI = 0-74

Based on current pavement deterioration models, PQI – 8 Year Projection and PQI – 4 Year
Projection are estimates of pavement condition assuming that no construction or maintenance
activities will be performed in that time frame. These PQI values are used to assess treatment
types that would best be deployed at various PQI ranges and years into the future.

PQI 94-100, No treatment
PQI 89-93, Preventative maintenance
PQI 84-88, Minor rehabilitation
PQI 73-83, Major rehabilitation
PQI, 0-72, Reconstruction

Suitability for ODOT Pavement Preservation Project (3P) funding is shown by subsections
with the layer 3P Eligibility.

Asset Preservation Plan shows maintenance projects that are included in the 4-year Asset
Preservation Plan, produced by Project Management Division.

Construction Work Plan shows construction projects that are included in the 8-year
Construction Work Plan, produced by Project Management Division.

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Questions can be directed to either Angel Gonzalez, Pavement Management Engineer
or Liz Hodgson, Pavement Analyst

Last Modified on Jun 24, 2024
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