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Obtain Licenses & Permits

Common Licensing Requirements by Industry

For many businesses in Oklahoma there may be a license, permit or other filing action required to operate. If your business type is not covered here, please contact Business Customer Services.


Obtaining a Sales or Use Permit

If your business will sell a product, you will need a Sales or Use Tax Permit from the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC). Register for a sales or use tax permit through the OTC application portal – this step costs $20 plus a handling fee. To start, you will need the Secretary of State Filing Number and EIN obtained previously.  

Find out if you need to pay sales tax or use tax.

Common Business Activities Without License Requirements

These common business activities do not require a state license. However, licenses for these activities may still be required by counties and municipalities.

Repair & Installation Services

  • Automotive, Truck, & Engine (large or small)
  • Home & Kitchen appliance
  • Garage door
  • Guttering
  • Window & Door

Cleaning Services

  • Commercial & Janitorial
  • Home or Residential
  • Construction sites
  • Special sanitizing
  • Power washing (with exceptions regarding contaminated materials)

Business Services

  • General consulting
  • General accounting, bookkeeping & tax services
  • Brokering (exceptions with real estate & livestock)
  • Computer & IT consulting

Lawn Services

  • Grass mowing, edging, and maintenance
  • Trimming & cutting shrubs, hedges & trees



Local Business Licensing

Your municipality may require licensing with the city. This is common for taxis, mobile vendors and outdoor sellers, but may apply to other types of businesses. Contact your municipality directly to find out if you need to register your business locally.

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