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Enforcement and Complaint Procedures

The Enforcement Division is tasked with ensuring compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the State of Oklahoma.  This is accomplished through regular inspections of all licensed entities and investigation of complaints alleging violations of the Oklahoma Administrative Code.  As a consumer, you have the right to file a formal complaint to report unlicensed, improper or illegal activity.

To file a complaint, please answer all applicable questions on the Complaint Form and be as specific as possible. The complaint form image below also links to the form.  Any applicable questions not answered may result in a delay in the resolution of your complaint. Please provide as much detail as possible as our decision for further action will be based on the facts as presented in your complaint.

You will receive acknowledgment of our receipt of your complaint. The Board will review your complaint and determine the appropriate course of action to resolve the issue and to ensure the licensee is in compliance with the Oklahoma Administrative Code.

Should your complaint be assigned to a Board investigator, you will be notified of that investigator's name and telephone extension for follow-up.

Should you change addresses before your complaint is resolved, please notify this office so we may contact you with the results of any review, investigation or disciplinary hearing.

This agency is an administrative licensing agency and has no jurisdiction over persons not holding one of our certifications or professional licenses. If you are unhappy with the services received at a service center or by a technician, discuss them with the service center manager, owner, ignition interlock device manufacturer and/or file a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau.  Many complaints can be quickly resolved this way and you may be given a refund or corrective service at no cost.  However, the licensee is not required to do this.  Be aware that many service centers and technicians are franchisees or independent contractors who may not be employees of the device manufacturer.  The Board does encourage that both parties try to come to a reasonable resolution. 

Last Modified on Oct 28, 2022
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