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Program and Device Violations

Typically, you will need to return to the IID service center every thirty (30) days.  However, when an Ignition Interlock violation occurs the device will begin a five (5) day timer to a permanent lockout status.  When the timer expires, the vehicle will no longer have the ability to start.  You will need to return to the service center prior to the expiration of the grace period to avoid a permanent lockout.  A violation and/or lockout will result in additional fees paid to the service center and the state.

Whether as a result of a lockout, or as routine maintenance, all information stored in the IID will be downloaded when your vehicle is returned to the service center for maintenance.  Violation triggers are programmed into the device at the time it is certified with the state and all violations are stored in the device logs.  


Violations, as defined by the Board are:

• Three (3) positive result startup tests within a fifteen (15) minute time frame.
• A circumvention (by-passing the correct operation of an interlock device by starting the vehicle, by any means, without first providing a negative result breath alcohol test or passing a confirmatory test).
• A retest violation. 
• Tampering (any act or attempt to alter, interfere, disable, defeat or circumvent the installation or operation of the device and/or camera).
• Permanent lockout.


An additional arrest for DUI/APC prior to completion of the Participant’s BOT IDAP, at the date of discovery by the Board, shall be treated as a violation and shall have the same weight as reportable violations found in 40:50-1-3.2 when evaluating the requirements for an IDAP Certificate of Completion.


Participants that are deemed to have failed the program or voluntarily discontinue participation in the program shall receive no refund and no credit for time served beginning from enrollment.  Participants that fail the program or choose to discontinue participating in the program are authorized to re-enroll in BOT IDAP.  The following actions will result in program failure:

            (1) removal of the device from the Program Vehicle and failure to reinstall a device in a substitute Program Vehicle within sixty (60) days; or

            (2) medical exemption participants reported or found to be operating a motor vehicle during his/her required program length.


Last Modified on Jun 19, 2023
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