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IDAP Forms

DPS (IDAP) or Modified Licenses - Interlock History Application

The Board has been authorized to assist existing DPS IDAP participants or persons with modified licenses by hosting the Application for Ignition Interlock History form.  The Board does not determine if a participant has completed requirements.  The Board does not know program completion dates.  DPS IDAP participants and modified license holders are responsible for entering their Program Completion Date.  The Board strongly recommends all participants ensure this date is entered correctly.  Entering the incorrect Program Completion Date may delay the reinstatement process with Service Oklahoma.  Completion is determined by the Service Oklahoma Driver Compliance Division.

Completed Requests may be submitted via email to us at

*Compatibility notice:  This document may not be compatible with other PDF reading applications including web browsers, therefore, the Board recommends users download the form and utilize Adobe Acrobat Reader X or higher to complete and submit the form.

Application for Ignition Interlock History Offline Form

Alternative submission option: 


Board of Tests


P.O. Box 36307

Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Last Modified on Jul 17, 2023
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