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The Board has no involvement in ADSAC and the agency is unaware if you are required to complete such course.  Although, we are happy to share information for persons seeking ADSAC program information as a courtesy below. 

The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Studies oversees the ADSAC Program in Oklahoma.  More information can be found at the ADSAC Program Site.

To fulfill ADSAC requirements outside the state of Oklahoma, state statute allows an alcohol or other drug treatment program or both and the alcohol and drug substance abuse course shall consist of either ten (10) hours or twenty-four (24) hours of instruction and shall conform with the provisions of Section 3-453 of Title 43A of the Oklahoma Statutes.


A person does not need to wait for their revocation period to expire prior to participating in BOT IDAP.  State statute allows the revocation and BOT IDAP to run concurrently, therefore, a person may participate in BOT IDAP as soon as the effective date of the revocation as long as they have no other suspensions or revocations in effect.

Contact Service Oklahoma for inquiries regarding Notice and Orders of Revocation/Disqualifications. 405-522-7000

Typically, a response is given to an application for participation in BOT IDAP within five to ten business days.  US Mail processes can add up to ten (10) days to that response.

No. Effective November 1, 2022, BOT IDAP completion is now required as a condition of reinstatement for all impaired driving arrests occurring on or after November 1, 2022.  

A vehicle is required to participate in BOT IDAP.  If you have no vehicle, you may participate in BOT IDAP when you obtain a vehicle and wish to reinstate driving privileges.

In the event you need a device installed and you do not reside in Oklahoma, the technician who installs the device will provide an Installation Verification Form. BOT IDAP requires the device to be a Board approved device.  In the event you need a device serviced, it is recommended that you call your existing service center or the manufacturer to obtain local service center information in your location.

A map of licensed service centers and contact information can be found on this website on the "Ignition Interlock" page. Any out-of-state service center is expected to service your ignition interlock device in accordance with the manufacturer's standard operating procedures and policies.

No. Ignition interlock manufacturers set their own pricing, although each manufacturer must submit their fee schedules to the Board prior to implementation.  No interlock customer shall pay any fee that is not on the schedule filed with the Board.  We encourage you to call and inquire with each manufacturer about their installation, lease, removal, and any other related fees.

Most questions and service related issues can be resolved over the phone by contacting the licensed service center or the manufacturer. A map of licensed service centers and contact information can be found on this website on the "Ignition Interlock" page.

If you need to have someone work on your vehicle, you should have the mechanic call your service center or the manufacturer for instructions. A map of licensed service centers and contact information can be found on this website on the "Ignition Interlock" page. Oklahoma law (47 O.S. 11-902a) prohibits any unlicensed person from attempting to physically disable, disconnect or wire around the ignition interlock device.  In the event a repair triggers a violation, a Mechanic's Affidavit may be submitted with any supporting documentation to request the violation not be considered during program completion review. 

An interlock device installed pursuant to a license revocation/suspension may be removed after the license is reinstated with Service Oklahoma.  

The reinstatement process can be completed online using Service Oklahoma's online reinstatement portal.  A person can physically visit a Service Oklahoma location that provides suspension and reinstatement services too.     

No, but participation is required.  Participation is defined as a minimum of fifteen (15) tests per thirty (30) calendar days from install.  Every test is counted, including start-up tests or attempts and retests.

Last Modified on Dec 13, 2023
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