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Director of Communications

Jennifer Bloomfield has had a diverse and progressively responsible career within the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs (ODVA). Beginning in 2016 at the Norman Veterans Home, she has navigated various roles, culminating in her current position as the Director of Communications . Her journey within ODVA showcases her commitment and advancement within the organization.

Her tenure began in 2016 at the Norman Veterans Home, where she started her career. Subsequently, she was promoted to the role of Education and Training Programs Administrator in 2017, prompting a move to the Oklahoma City office. In this capacity, she oversaw the training completion and compliance for a significant number of agency staff members.

Her career continued to evolve, and in November 2021, Jennifer was promoted to the position of Public Information and Marketing Programs Administrator. Simultaneously, she served as the Oklahoma Veterans Commission Clerk from 2017 to 2023, showcasing her multifaceted contributions to the agency.

In March 2023, Jennifer was appointed as the Director of Communications, demonstrating her growth and expertise within the department. 

Beyond her professional life, Jennifer values spending time with her family, including her husband, seven children, and two grandchildren. She also engages in restoring their 1930s colonial style home. Moreover, she actively advocates for children experiencing or who have experienced foster care, using various social media platforms to raise awareness and provide resources to families globally.

Her dedication to her career and commitment to making a difference in the lives of children who have experienced foster care showcases her multifaceted nature and passion for both her work and humanitarian causes.