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This Charter establishes the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) for the state of Oklahoma and defines its mission, scope and responsibility, membership, and administration.


The State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) will foster a collaborative culture for rapid implementation of meaningful innovations to efficiently deliver to the public a modern, high quality highway system.


Facilitate the rapid implementation of technology, tactics and techniques among transportation program delivery professionals at all levels of government and throughout the private and non-profit sector to ensure smart, efficient investment in Oklahoma’s highway infrastructure.

Scope & Responsibility

State DOT’s, Local Public Agencies and tribal transportation agencies nationwide own the system and make key decisions on how to deliver projects, as well as what techniques and technologies to use in the operation and safety on our highway system. The Oklahoma State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) will bring together stakeholders that represent all those market forces and work together to lead innovation in our state transportation program.

The STIC shall provide multi-stakeholder leadership to perpetuate the deployment of innovation in each state. The objectives and duties of the STIC shall be to identify and recommend ways to ensure an appropriate response to key issues and challenges that impact our highway program. The STIC will act as a catalyst for rapid deployment of those nationally identified technologies, techniques and tactics that have been demonstrated in "real world" applications and can offer improved performance/effectiveness in their state.

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Welcome to State Transportation Innovation Council

Tim J. Gatz, Executive Director of ODOT, welcomes you to ODOT.

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