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Click on the "Physician Search" button on the top of this page; then type in the doctor's last name. Should you need additional assistance, you may call the Board at (405)528-8625.

D.O.s are osteopathic physicians; M.D.s are allopathic physicians. D.O.s and M.D.s are the only fully-licensed physicians. D.O.s practice a "whole-person" approach to medicine. Rather than treating only specific symptoms or illness, the osteopathic physician and surgeon treats the body as an integrated whole, focusing on the unity of all body parts. Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O. developed the philosophy of osteopathic medicine in 1874 and pioneered the concept of "wellness" more than 130 years ago.

Per Section 621 of The Oklahoma Osteopathic Act, "Osteopathic Medicine" means a system of health care founded by Andrew Taylor Still and based on the theory that the body is capable of making its own remedies against disease and other toxic conditions when it is in normal structural relationship and has favorable environmental conditions and adequate nutrition. Osteopathic medicine utilizes generally accepted physical, pharmacological and surgical methods of diagnosis and therapy while placing strong emphasis on the importance of body mechanics and manipulative methods to detect and correct faulty structure and function.

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still was an M.D. who was dissatisfied with the effectiveness of many of the 19th century medications, believing some were useless or harmful. He developed a philosophy of medicine based on ideas that date back to Hippocrates, the father of medicine. That philosophy evolved into osteopathic medicine, a unique form of American medical care that focuses on the unity of all body parts. Andrew Taylor Still, M.D. and D.O., prescribed appropriate medical treatment for his patients and stressed preventive medicine, eating properly and keeping fit. Today's D.O.s also serve as modern-day medical pioneers as they continue to stay abreast of today's medical technology and provide excellent health care in primary care areas, specialties and sub-specialties.

At present, 4,135 osteopathic physicians are licensed by the Oklahoma State Board of Osteopathic Examiners. Of that number, 4,017 possess full licenses to practice Osteopathic medicine in the state.  93 are first year residents in their intern year.  The remaining 25 make up our Emeritus, Volunteer, and Temorary licensure base. (Updated 04/29/2024)

Click the link to the "Physician Search", each physician record has a section that says "Board Action".  If that section is empty, the physician has no disciplinary/board actions.  If it does show a result, the most recent Order/Action will be linked for review. Most Oklahoma D.O.s have no disciplinary actions.

The first step is to submit your complaint online, by email, or by mail to the Board. You will find a link to "File a Complaint" on our homepage and a Report Form under the Forms tab which has the email and mailing address.

Step 2: All Reports (complaints) are sent to a Case Review Committee comprised of the Executive Director, Board Attorney, Medical Advisors and Investigators.

Step 3: Depends on results of review by the Case Review Committee. Please be patient. Reviews and/or investigations take time.

Annual Renewal begins each year on May 1 and continues to June 30 with no late fee. From July 1 to August 31 you may still renew with the addition of a late fee. To begin your renewal, click "Login" then "Licensee Login" at the top of the screen or the tile that states "License Renewal" on the home page. If you have not activated your account, click on the "Activate Now" prompt and follow the instructions from there.

The renewal fee for all Oklahoma licensed Osteopathic Physicians is now $225.00. There is a $7.00 processing fee that will be added to all renewal fees. Fee Schedule Citation- 510:10-7-1.

If you have activated your account in our new online system, you do not need to reset your password. Passwords will NEVER expire on our new website. If you do not recall your password or set security questions, click "Forgot Password" to reset both.

In-State, Out of State, and Retired Physicians are required to complete a total of 16 Category 1 AOA Approved CME hours. For In State or Retired physicians, 1 of those 16 must be a live-interactive course on the topic of Proper Prescribing. This office maintains a list of all Board approved Proper Prescribing courses, which can be found on our home page. Out of State Physicians or physicians that do not maintain an OBNDD/DEA permit are not required to obtain the Proper Prescribing hour. Residents and Fellows are exempt from CME requirements. Please Note: If a physician is Board Certified through the ABMS, the Board will accept Category 1 AMA Approved CME credits used for their certification or recertification on their renewal.

Yes, please explain in detail with dates, times, and places. You may now upload supporting documentation as well.

Yes, you can renew online after June 30, but you will have the addition of a $150.00 late fee on your invoice. The online renewal will stay open until August 31 at 11:59 pm. Beginning September 1, you will need to contact our office at (405) 528-8625 to discuss renewal of your license. After cancellation of your license, a $500.00 reinstatement fee will be applied in addition to any other applicable fees.

A dispensing permit is only required if you will be dispensing and logging medication out of your office. This does not include samples. Dispensing permits are $50.00 per dispensing location. You can request dispensing permits for required locations during renewal or any time in your licensee dashboard. See our Rules for more information regarding Dispensing Permits- 510:5-3-3-5.

Last Modified on Apr 29, 2024