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Oklahoma School for the Deaf

Note: Eight different video images move on the screen at the same time.

Announcer: "Every child deserves a GREAT education."

Video: Students using microscopes, teachers and students signing, writing in blanks on a form, young teens smiling, boy with thick glasses.

Announcer: "The School for the Deaf in Sulphur and School for the Blind in Muskogee offer challenging academic programs"

Video: Fingers reading braille, text overlays for printed text, students playing musical instruments.

Announcer: "-- AND customized training."

Video: Boy and girl walking, large group playing basketball, signing in class.

Announcer: "Students can attend class on campus. Or we bring assistance to your local school."

Video: Students eating lunch, shooting pool, seated and bouncing on large balls in a gym, walking in the halls, studying, playing video games.

Announcer: "Our students have FUN and they GET READY for college work and a bright future."

Video: Students working at a restaurant, sewing on a sewing machine, chopping celery, making a bed, getting an eye exam and walking with an adult.

Announcer: "Don't let hearing or vision loss limit your child."

Video: Teacher with students in a circle, using a braille writer, signing in class, close-ups of faces.

Announcer: "Call 800-845-8476."

Video: DRS logo with text "Opening Door to Opportunity" and Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services and 800-845-8476.

The Oklahoma School for the Deaf (OSD) in Sulphur provides residential, early intervention and outreach education services at no charge to students who are Deaf and hard of hearing. OSD also provides preschool programs for children who are Deaf at regional sites in Edmond and Chickasha.

Information for Parents (and Others involved in the Child's Education)

Check out the Information for Parents document to find out about the specialized services OSD provides for Oklahoma's children who are deaf or hard hearing. OSD programs serve students on campus as well as those attending school in their home communities. Open the Information for Parents PDF file or Information for Parents Word file


Residential and Day School Education

At the main campus in Sulphur, OSD offers educational, vocational and campus life programs for residential and day students from infancy to 12th grade. Educational programs and support services address students' intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs through curriculum, extracurricular activities, transition programs, counseling, physical therapy and health services.

Secondary school students receive vocational and technical training and work experience through Occupational Training Opportunities for the Deaf and other vocational programs.

Students are transported home by the school for weekends and holidays.


The School for the Deaf also serves as a resource center for the needs of Oklahoma students who are Deaf but do not attend classes at OSD. Outreach staff administer speech and language, psycho-educational and audiological assessments to children across the state. Families of pre-school children who are Deaf receive early intervention assistance. OSD also provides on site consultation to public school districts, in-service training for teachers and special cultural, academic, and social programs, including those offered in the summer.

DRS and the Oklahoma School for the Deaf

Wendi O'Connor, Senior: I like being a student here at OSD because it is really easy for me to communicate with other people.

Voice over (VO): The Oklahoma School for the Deaf in Sulphur provides educational services to students who are deaf and hard of hearing, free of charge.

Students may live on campus during the week, commute from home, attend satellite schools or participate in summer school programs.

Ross Price, 7th Grade: It’s better here. It’s more fun. The communication. Everything is cool. They have games, basketball, baseball. We have lots of fun. I really enjoy it. It’s better than before.

VO: Fully accredited educational programs and support services address students’ intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth.

Roxy Stallings, Sophomore: I came here. I am just happy. I think it’s a good thing for me.

VO: The Oklahoma School for the Deaf offers free early intervention, evaluations and equipment distribution programs to help students attending local public schools and their families.

Staff provide consultation regarding modifications to improve learning environments.

Traci Prince, Director of Student Assessment and Program Development: Family support, we have videos, we have books that we can loan them. We have a lending library. We have an equipment program where the student can receive services for telephones. We have a children’s hearing aid program as well as a caption media program that they can access for services for their child either at home or through the public school.

Carolyne Paradiso, parent of Kathleen, OSD student: Sometimes when their in a public school setting despite the best efforts of the school they don’t always have a peer group. They don’t have a sense of community. So at OSD that’s one thing they get – is a community. Plus they still have a tie to home and that’s real important.

Copyright 2008 Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.


A student must be deaf or hard of hearing. The student’s hearing disability must be the student’s primary disability.

How to Apply

  • Admission to the school is accomplished through application directly from parents or guardians.
  • The school accepts referrals from Local Education Agencies (LEAs), educational cooperatives, parents residing within the State of Oklahoma, and/or third party agencies or individuals.
  • Download and fill out the Application for Admission form
  • The OSD Admissions Committee reviews the application and all pertinent documentation and determines if OSD is an appropriate placement.

What to Bring

  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Recent Picture of Student
  • Current Immunization Record
  • Medications: Does your child currently take medications? If so, are there any changes being made such as increasing, lowering dosage or taking your child off medications?
  • Legal Documents: If parents are divorced or someone else has custody/guardianship of a child.
  • Transcript/grades/state mandated testing reports
  • Both MEEGS and IEP
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Audiogram
  • Speech Evaluation
  • Discipline Records
  • Proof of Oklahoma residency (copy of utility bill that shows current residential address)

Oklahoma School for the Deaf

1100 E. Oklahoma St.
Sulphur, OK 73086 

Office: (580) 622-4900
TTY: (580) 622-4900

For more information visit the Oklahoma School for the Deaf Web site.

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