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VR Assistive Technology

Vocational Rehabilitation Assistive Technology Lab

3535 N.W. 58th St., Suite 500
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Office: (405) 951-3470
Toll Free: (800) 845-8476

Vocational Rehabilitation Assistive Technology Specialists complete a variety of assessments based on the counselor's referral and the consumer's need. All assessments are focused on how the accommodation or assistive technology will assist the individual in overcoming obstacles that interfere with obtaining employment or keeping a job.

Assessments include the following areas:
  • home or vehicle modifications,
  • personal mobility needs such as wheelchairs
  • computer access
  • worksite access or modification needs, and
  • activities of daily living needs.
The AT assessment involves the initial visit, trial of equipment, follow-up and final inspection of equipment.
Specialists also serve as subject matter experts within the agency and to other agencies or businesses.

We Make Life Easier

Audio: Experience shows us there's more than one way to get the job done. If you have a disability that makes it tough to get or keep a job, DRS can help. It could be new technology or doing things a different way. The solution could be easier than you think. Ask the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services about Assistive Technology. Go online at or call 1-800-845-8476.

Video Description: A senior man in a wheelchair rolls past farm equipment. A hand moves a mouse. A woman’s face appears on a screen. A young man in a wheelchair quickly uses a ramp to enter a van. Wheels on a ramp fill the screen. A woman at a desk turns to face a computer screen. Equipment lifts a man in a chair to the seat of a tractor. We look over a woman’s shoulder at large text on a computer screen. She smiles and laughs. The man rises on the chair lift to the tractor seat. The tractor drives forward. We see another man’s face. The man is driving a vehicle. The camera moves down to show his hand on the gear shift. DRS logo. Opening Doors to Opportunity, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, 1-800-845-8476.

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