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Older Blind Independent Living

Older Blind Independent Living Services Program

2401 N.W. 23rd Street, Suite 91 (Shepherd Center)
Oklahoma City 73107-2431

Office: (405) 522-3333
Fax: (405) 522-3332

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907 S Detroit Ave, Suite 500
Tulsa, OK 74120

Office: (918) 551-4900
Fax: (918) 551-4935

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The Older Blind Independent Living Program expands independent living services for people who are 55 years old or older and legally blind. Rehabilitation teachers located in Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired offices throughout the state provide one-on-one assistance to older people in adjusting to blindness and regaining or maintaining maximum independence and self-sufficiency. Older Blind Program staff present training for businesses, organizations and others to develop greater awareness of the abilities and needs of older Oklahomans who are blind. Legal blindness occurs when visual acuity with best correction is 20/200 or less or when side vision results in a field restriction of 20 degree or less.

What we do

If you are having problems with daily living (ie, dialing the phone, signing your name, cooking, identifying money, time telling, matching your clothing) a Rehabilitation teacher will work with you in learning how to perform these tasks safely, efficiently, and independently.

How to Apply

Step 1: Call for an appointment

Step 2: An office staff member will help you fill out an application

Step 3: If you need a ride the office will make arrangements to pick you up and take you to the office.

Keys to Success

  • Keep in contact with your rehabilitation teacher
  • Let him or her know if you move or change phone numbers
  • Complete any assignments

What to bring

A great attitude and determination to be independent. Plus:
  • a picture ID (driver's license, state ID or military ID),
  • insurance/Medicare card, and
  • your most recent eye report (if you have it).

To be Eligible:

You must be 55 years or older, legally blind and want to maintain or regain greater independence.

Time To Be Bold

Time To Be Bold is a national public service awareness campaign through the Independent Living Older Individuals who are Blind Technical Assistance Center at the National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision. While you already found Oklahoma resources, you might want to look up resources for family or friends in other states.