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Frequently Asked Questions

Oklahoma Children's Services FAQs

Families with at least one child in the home who is at risk of abuse or neglect. Also, families who have a child to be returned home and are at risk of abuse or neglect. Referrals for these programs are made by county child welfare staff.

Comprehensive Home-Based Services - up to nine months; Parents Assistance Services - up to six months.


Comprehensive Home-Based Services are for families who have difficult child rearing issues to resolve and need more assistance to ensure safety. Parents Assistance Services are for families who have less complex "at risk" child abuse or neglect concerns and who are not usually involved with the court.

Comprehensive Home-Based Services : Professionals educate families to assist in correcting problems that resulted in child welfare and/or court-involvement. This includes how to set behavior limits for children, resolve family emergencies, correct ongoing household problems, budget, prevent family violence through safety planning, and connect with community agencies. Parents Assistance Services: Paraprofessionals act as mentors to teach parenting skills, housekeeping, budgeting and how to access services.

Community social service agencies that are contracted by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS).

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