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Family-Centered Services Information

Program Information            

Family Centered Services (FCS) is the OKDHS Child Welfare Services prevention program. FCS provides services to families who come to the attention of child welfare without the child being removed from the home and the case becoming court involved. The goal of the program is to collaborate with families to assess the need for services while working to maintain children safely in their own home. FCS staff seek to provide support, increase hope, and build resilience through intensive services and increased contact with the family in an effort to disrupt the cycle of trauma and family separation. The program utilizes community services in conjunction with Oklahoma Children’s Services to strengthen and stabilize the family in order to prevent entry in to foster care. FCS staff work with families to connect them to appropriate supports, services, and community resources, and to develop and aftercare plan to insure the safety of the children in the event of a crisis



Phone: (405) 521-3811S

Mailing Address:
Child Welfare Services
Family-Centered Services
PO Box 25352
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0352

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