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Waiver Employment Services

Oklahoma supports individuals with employment supports through the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers.  These programs strive to improve the quality of life for vulnerable Oklahoman and increase their ability to lead safer, healthier, more independent and productive lives. 

Community integrated employment or Supported employment includes job placement, job training, and supports by a certified job coach in an integrated community setting, such as a local business.  These services can either be individual jobs or group placements. 

Community- bases services provide employment-related training that encourages community integration. This can include volunteer activities, adult education classes, job shadowing, and accessing workforce centers.  These services can be provided in individual or group placements.

Center-based services or Sheltered workshops are provided where a majority of the people at the site has a disability. These settings facilitate opportunities to seek employment in competitive jobs and support access to the greater community.  Sheltered workshops are operated under the direction of agencies that often subcontract with other businesses to provide paid work opportunities.  

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