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Oklahoma Technology First Commitment and Movement

Oklahoma Commits To:

A statewide initiative to consider technology as the first support option for DDS waiver recipients

opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to improve their lives with the use of enabling technologies

Evaluating and implementing accessible technology-related solutions

Encouraging the use of virtual/remote supports and enabling technology to increase independence, autonomy and self-determination for individuals with disabilities while ensuring health and safety

Advocate for the right of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to access technologies. 

Offering enabling technologies to connect individuals with disabilities to additional assistance to supplement and enhance the care they receive

Continuously integrate and pilot technological advancements to ensure access to innovative enabling technologies that lowers barriers for individuals with disabilities and promotes independence, confidence and abilities. 

Championing technology developers to consider individuals with disabilities when creating and revamping technologies such as websites, wearables, applications, cell phones, tablets, etc. 

During introduction to Developmental Disabilities Services, new families and individuals are introduced to Remote Support, Enabling Technology and Self-Directed Services as first support options.

Remote Support, Enabling Technology and Self-Directed Services Orientation are provided to all new Case Managers.

Specialized Remote Support and Enabling Technology training is provided to Case Management Supervisors. Supervisors participating in the training provide guidance to teams related to these supports and act as Tech Champions.

Oklahoma continues to pilot and research new and innovative technologies.  Our next research project focuses on the accessibility and usability of wearables to self-direct health outcomes.

Last Modified on Nov 07, 2023
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