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State Funded Group Home FAQ

Converting State Funded Group Home Slots to the Waiver

Yes. We realize there are people in those slots who will not qualify for the waiver. They will be able to remain in their State funded slot. 

Agencies will work to assist their members as needed just like they do currently. Depending on who helped your members with their DDS application, you may provide a lot of assistance or very little if family members will be providing that help. 

Current State funded plan of care dates will change to new waivered plan of care dates after they are approved for the waiver. A case manager will be assigned and will begin developing the new IP.

DDS is assigning cases as appropriate and will try not to assign more than one case manager to a home. 

The current state funded cases that convert to the waiver will be permanent. The individuals who do not qualify for the waiver will remain in a state funded slot. If that spot becomes vacant, we will work with agencies on a one-on-one basis to address the empty slot.   We realize there will continue to be a need for state funded slots

Currently, there is not an identified amount. Some group homes have no state funded slots at all, and some have several. Most state funded people will be converted to the waiver and their slot as well.

Yes, and this rate is determined by occupancy in a group home.

For the members, there should be very little change. They will be assigned a case manager and DDS Registered Nurse (RN) and will have a few planning meetings prior to the new plan being implemented. The PC/agency staff currently acting in the case management role will no longer have that responsibility and will no longer develop the plan of care.

Nothing. Intake has the information on all current State funded members statewide and will begin pulling the DDS applications to work eligibility. The agency might be called upon to assist with gathering documents for eligibility determination.  The agency will be notified when the State funded member is being worked and will be part of the planning process to transition to waiver services. 

Please contact Ron Porter at or Cindy Leishman at for more information. 

Last Modified on Jun 06, 2023
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