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Administrative Letter 22-05

November 15, 2021

Administrative Letter 22-05

RE:  Provider COVID-19 Emergency Plan updates for Holidays

Dear Provider:

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means celebrations and visits with family and friends.  Please review your agency’s emergency plans and update it to include any additional safety measures for home visitation requirements for people you serve who are visiting with others who live outside their homes.  These additional measures may include precautions to keep roommates and staff safe when people you serve are attending holiday celebrations, going home with family for the holidays then returning to their home, or having company visit them in their home. An emergency plan must be in place if there is any deviation from the settings rules.

The settings rules require that an individual have access to their own home (including visitors) and community activities. As a reminder, Quality Assurance (QA) will resume assessing for compliance of the setting rules in January 2022, as we return to in home visits and monitoring.  Emergency plans may still be warranted at that time and QA will evaluate the need for restrictions in plans based on the individual situation.

It is critical that you continue to report suspected or confirmed cases of COVID to and provide status updates and details of the precautionary measures taken when a suspected exposure or a confirmed case is reported. The reporting process assists DDS to provide appropriate support to you in critical situations to the extent possible.

You can send any updated emergency plans to

Thank you for all you do.


Beth Scrutchins, MSW

Director Developmental Disabilities Services

Last Modified on Nov 16, 2021
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