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Provider Letter - DDS 5 & DDS 6 Submission Procedure


Developmental Disabilities Services Division

Sequoyah Building, 2nd Floor

P.O. Box 25352

Oklahoma City, OK  73125-0352

(405) 521-3571

July 22, 2016

Provider Letter 18-01

August 23, 2017

Dear Provider,

Developmental Disabilities Services is aware that in the last few years it has become increasingly more difficult for our partners to continue to maintain the high level of care which they have always rendered.  Both providers and DDS have struggled with the need to do more with less.  DDS appreciates your efforts to overcome obstacles to superior service.    

I recently have become aware of a situation which I believe may be causing some rework and I am asking for your help.  In the past it has been the practice of providers to insure that the DDS 5, Referral Form for Examination or Treatment, and DDS 6, Health Status and Monthly Medication Review were submitted to case managers according to the instructions at the bottom of the forms.  This allowed case managers and nurses to remain informed of health and medication changes between visits to the person's home.   However, recently area staff have advised that this practice has decreased over time.  This has resulted in some case managers not receiving notice of changes in an individual's heath status for several weeks after the medical visit.   In an effort to assist DDS case managers and nurses in their support of the health care needs of members, we are asking that providers send every DDS 5 and DDS 6 to the assigned case manager.  The DDS 5 should be submitted within one business day of the medical visit, and the DDS 6 should be submitted within two business days of completion of the form.   We hope to prevent lapses in medical care by keeping all team members informed of any changes to health needs.  DDS will be adding this requirement to policy, but is asking that providers start this practice immediately. 

Thank you for your assistance with this request and especially for everything that you do on behalf of the people we serve. 

Let me know if you have any questions.

Marie Moore, Interim Director

Developmental Disabilities Services

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