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CCM Passwords

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Developmental Disabilities Services

Sequoyah Memorial Office Building
PO Box 25352
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-9907

PH: (405) 521-3571 FX: (405) 522-3037

Administrative Letter 20-01

July 22, 2019

Dear Provider:

DDS receives a large number of requests to reset passwords for the Provider CCM application.DDS has no way to determine whether or not the individual requesting a password reset is still employed by your agency.Effective September 1, 2019, DDS will no longer reset passwords unless we receive a written request from the agency director or designee.The designee must be identified in advance by the director.If the person changes and we are not notified of the change, the director will need to make the request.These written requests should be emailed to

Each agency should have at least one identified site administrator.Site administrators have the ability to reset passwords and change the access for staff within their agency.We recommend that you assign at least two people to the role of site administrator to ensure coverage if someone is out.Also, it is important to ensure a new site administrator is assigned whenever someone vacates the position.

Attached you will find a list of all active users for your agency.The site administrators are identified on the report.Please take this opportunity to update your user lists and review roles for each user.

If training is needed for site administrators on how to update user roles, reset passwords or anything else related to CCM, email can also use this address to send in general CCM questions.

Questions about this change in process can be directed to Sheila Bowen at or (405) 522-6888.


Beth Scrutchins, Director

Developmental Disabilities Services

Department of Human Services

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